Juvederm® Ultra/Ultra Plus

Juvederm® Ultra and Ultra Plus are dermal fillers that provide volume and reduce wrinkles. These treatments are ideal for enhancing facial contours and smoothing out lines.

In an age where over 2.6 million dermal filler procedures are performed annually in the U.S. alone, Juvederm® Ultra/Ultra Plus stands out as a beacon of innovation in the world of aesthetic enhancement.

At Allure Aesthetics & Medical Spa, we understand the desire for a youthful, radiant appearance, and Juvederm® Ultra/Ultra Plus is at the forefront of meeting this need.

Curious about how this treatment can rejuvenate your look? Scroll deeper to learn more about Juvederm® Ultra/Ultra Plus.

What is Juvederm® Ultra/Ultra Plus?

Juvederm® Ultra and Ultra Plus are keys to unlocking a more youthful version of yourself. They are hyaluronic acid-based fillers designed to restore volume and smooth out lines and wrinkles. Hyaluronic acid, a natural substance found in the skin, is celebrated for its ability to retain moisture, resulting in a plump, hydrated look. Juvederm® Ultra is perfect for contouring and volumizing medium to deep wrinkles, while Ultra Plus is used for deeper folds and wrinkles, offering a more dramatic rejuvenation.

Advantages of Juvederm® Ultra/Ultra Plus

As you explore Juvederm® Ultra and Ultra Plus further, here are some of the benefits they offer:
Versatile Rejuvenation. Whether you’re looking to plump your lips, soften nasolabial folds, or enhance facial contours, Juvederm® Ultra and Ultra Plus are versatile enough to address a wide range of areas.


Tailored to You. Each treatment is customized, ensuring results that not only look natural but also feel in sync with your unique facial structure.


Immediate Results. The transformation is visible almost immediately. Walk out of Allure Aesthetics & Medical Spa with a refreshed, more youthful appearance.


Long-Lasting Impact. Enjoy your revitalized look for up to a year with Juvederm® Ultra/Ultra Plus, as they are a worthwhile investment in your appearance.

Aftercare Tips

After embracing Juvederm® Ultra/Ultra Plus, here are some fresh aftercare tips to ensure optimal results:

  1. For the first 24 hours, keep your skincare routine simple. Avoid heavy makeup and stick to gentle cleansers.
  2. Your skin will be a bit more sensitive post-treatment. A good sunscreen is your best friend, helping to protect your skin and preserve the results.
  3. Avoid extreme temperatures, like hot saunas or freezing outdoor activities, immediately following your treatment.

Who are the Ideal Candidates?

Juvederm® Ultra and Ultra Plus are treatments that resonate with many individuals. It’s ideal for people looking to address signs of aging like volume loss or deepening wrinkles.

If you’re seeking a non-surgical solution to refresh and rejuvenate your appearance, this treatment might be your perfect match.

Juvederm® Ultra and Ultra Plus Fillers in Fayetteville, NC

At Allure Aesthetics & Medical Spa in Fayetteville, NC, we’re not just about treatments—we’re about transformations that resonate with who you are. Juvederm® Ultra and Ultra Plus are more than just a procedure because they are a pathway to a more confident, radiant you.

Whether you’re looking to turn back the clock or enhance your natural features, we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

Ready to explore how Juvederm® Ultra and Ultra Plus can be part of your beauty journey? Call us now, and let’s start a conversation about your path to rejuvenation!