Kybella® is an injectable treatment that effectively reduces submental fat, commonly known as a double chin. This non-surgical solution provides lasting results for your facial aesthetics.

Dealing with a stubborn double chin? Frustrated by your reflection in the mirror? Let’s introduce you to a solution that has been a buzzword in aesthetic medicine – a golden offering for those battling against the persistent deposit of fat under the chin, a nuisance otherwise referred to as submental fullness.

Intrigued? Stick around and discover what Kybella® can do for you!

More About Kybella®

Kybella® is a non-surgical injectable treatment specifically designed to combat moderate-to-severe submental fullness. An innovative formulation of synthetic deoxycholic acid—a substance your body naturally produces to absorb fats—it focuses on destroying fat cells under the chin area. Once these cells are gone, they’re gone for good! This groundbreaking treatment gradually sculpts and refines your chin contour, one session at a time.

Advantages of Kybella®

Is Kybella®’s popularity justified? Here are the things that will make you fall in love with this treatment:

Non-Surgical Approach. As an injectable treatment, Kybella® offers the allure of non-surgical intervention. It elegantly sidesteps the pre-requisites of downtime and lengthy recovery associated with surgical options—making it a convenient choice for many. You can return swiftly to your regular tasks and responsibilities after your treatment—a total win for the busy bees out there!


Permanent Results. The magic of Kybella® lies in its ability to destroy fat cells. Once obliterated, they fail to store or accumulate fat. Voila! You have yourself enduring results.


Customizable Treatment Plan. Everyone’s aesthetic goals are unique, and so is the structure of their chin and neck. Your clinician can customize your treatment plan, considering the amount and distribution of your submental fat and your personal goals.


Boosts Confidence. With each session, as your chin regains its definition and contour, you’ll find a noticeable boost in your confidence levels. No more awkward angles and constant worry about being photographed!

Aftercare Tips

Walking the recovery path with Kybella® is simple, yet it deserves your care. Here are some easy tips to enhance your recovery:

  1. Let your body heal in the first few days post-treatment. Avoid strenuous activity and rest when needed.
  2. Apply an ice pack on the injection site to ease any discomfort or swelling.
  3. Gentle massages in the treated area can aid the drainage process.
  4. They’re your pillars to faster recovery. Remember, your body is healing.

Are You an Ideal Kybella® Candidate?

Kybella® is ideal for individuals who are bothered by submental fullness. It’s perfect for those who eat well and exercise but still struggle to rid themselves of the stubborn extra fat under their chin. If you’re looking for a non-surgical approach to refine your chin area and boost your self-image, you could be the ideal candidate for Kybella®!

Kybella in Fayetteville, NC

At Allure Aesthetics & Medical Spa in Fayetteville, NC, we believe you deserve to love what you see in the mirror every day. We bring to you the transformative power of treatments like Kybella®, to help you embrace your best self. Say goodbye to constant photo editing and crash diets. Wave hello to a more confident, radiant you. Schedule your Kybella® consultation today and let’s sculpt your path to aesthetic freedom!