Voluma® is a specialized dermal filler that adds volume to the cheek area, lifting and contouring the face for a more youthful profile. Its long-lasting formula provides natural-looking results.

Over 1 million people annually turn to hyaluronic acid fillers for facial rejuvenation and Juvederm Voluma® stands out as a leader in the quest for age-defying beauty.

At Allure Aesthetics & Medical Spa, we understand the desire for a youthful, uplifted appearance, and Voluma® is at the forefront of meeting this aspiration. Intrigued by how Voluma® can redefine your aesthetic experience? Keep reading to explore the transformative power of this exceptional treatment.

What is Voluma®?

Voluma® is not just a dermal filler; it’s a sculptor of time, gracefully restoring the contours of youth. Part of the renowned Juvederm family, Voluma® is specifically designed to add volume to the cheeks and mid-face area.

As we age, our cheeks lose volume and our skin may sag. Voluma®, made from hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in the skin, works by not only filling in these areas but also stimulating collagen production for long-lasting results.

It’s like turning back the clock, giving your face the youthful, uplifted look that time had gently faded.

Advantages of Voluma®

As you find out the benefits of Voluma®, here are the unique advantages it brings to your beauty journey:

Natural-Looking Lift. Voluma® is expertly designed to add just the right amount of volume to the cheeks, resulting in a natural-looking lift that rejuvenates your entire face.


Immediate and Lasting Results. The transformation is visible almost immediately after treatment, and these results can last up to two years, making Voluma® a lasting investment in your beauty.


Non-Surgical Solution. Voluma® offers a minimally invasive alternative to surgical procedures, providing significant aesthetic enhancement without the downtime or risks associated with surgery.


Customizable Treatment. Each Voluma® treatment is tailored to the individual to make sure that results harmonize perfectly with your unique facial features.

Aftercare Tips

To maximize the enchanting effects of Voluma®, here are some innovative aftercare tips:

  1. For the first 24 hours post-treatment, keep your activity level low. Avoid strenuous exercise to minimize swelling and bruising.
  2. Treat your skin with care. Avoid rubbing or massaging the treated areas to allow the Voluma® to settle naturally.
  3. Protect your skin from excessive sun exposure. Wearing sunscreen and avoiding direct sunlight can help maintain the filler’s integrity and your skin’s overall health.
  4. Keeping your body well-hydrated aids in maintaining the filler’s appearance and overall skin health. Drink plenty of water to support the rejuvenating effects of Voluma®.

Who are the Ideal Candidates?

Voluma® speaks to those who seek not just beauty, but a revival of their youthful essence. It’s ideal for individuals experiencing volume loss in the cheek area or those who desire more defined facial contours. If you’re looking for a non-surgical way to achieve a more youthful, uplifted facial appearance, Voluma® could be your perfect match. It’s particularly suited for adults who wish to reverse the signs of aging with natural-looking, long-lasting results.

Voluma® in Fayetteville, NC

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